Safeguard Your Valuables or Sensitive Information with Durable Safes

  • Fireproof
  • Gun safes
  • Depository
  • Combination changes
  • Safe opening
  • Safe Repairs
  • Personal
  • All Varieties of sizes and styles
  • Delivery
  • Will remove safes from site

You Pick the Perfect Safe, We Deliver!

A&A Locksmith is a proud dealer of Amsec, CCS, and Gardall safe suppliers. Whether you need to safeguard money, documents or valuables at work or home, picking a reliable safe is extremely crucial. There are many sizes, shapes and styles to choose from with different types of features. Visit A&A Locksmith's store today to pick out the safe that best suits your needs.
The best part? We deliver to you! Transporting a safe is a weighing task that can be quite difficult to accomplish on your own. A&A Locksmith makes the process as easy and smooth as possible. Call us today if you have any further questions of the safes we provide. (337) 235-5397

Safe Repairs and Replacements

Safe combinations are made to be tricky. Forgetting the code to your safe is something that can happen to you. If it does, give a call. We can change the combination for your continued use of the safe.

Damage can be caused to your safe for a variety of reasons. Depending on the severity of the damage, A&A Locksmith offers repair services on all makes and models of the safes we sell. Call us today to take advantage of our advanced locksmiths! (337) 235-5397


  • Gardall
  • Amsec Safes
  • FireKing